starts 11.01 at 12:00 (PT)
Ends 11.03 at 12:00 (PT)



This workout begins with the athlete standing tall and not touching anything. 3-2-1-... GO the timer starts. The athlete will perform 18 jumping squats followed by 36 burpees and 18 jumping lunges. The athlete continues to repeat this scheme for as many rounds as possible within the 5 minute timecap. The result will be the total number of rounds counted together (repetitions) in the 5-min time cap.

Movement standards:

Squat Jump

The jumping air squat starts with the athlete starting in a fully extended position, hips and knees extended. They will pass through a full squat with hip crease below the knee and jump explosive back up into a fully extended position. It is necessary to leave the ground with both feet simultaneously at the end of each repetition.


The athlete’s chest must make contact with the ground before the athlete can jump back up to the starting position. The Athlete must jump and touch hands over head at top of burpee, reaching full extension of hips. Feet need to visibly leave the ground at the time of full hip extension during the jump.

Jumping Lunges

This is an alternating jumping lunge. Each jumping lunge begins with the feet together and the athlete standing tall with hips and knees extended. Both end positions (front and back leg) have to be finished with the heel direct under the knee. 

The knee of the back leg has to touch the floor. 

The athlete has to leave the floor short, but noticeable to “jump” into the lunge.


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